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Flashing a white smile makes a good first impression and improves your self-confidence. Get one with at-home professional whitening kits available from Complete Health Dentistry. Dr. Hebda and her experienced dental team, located in Ashburn, Virginia, offer these effective alternatives to over-the-counter whitening methods. Call the office, or book online to get your whitening kit today.

Teeth Whitening

What causes teeth to discolor?

Aging and lifestyle habits can cause your teeth to discolor. Stains may be caused by:

  • Foods, such as red wine, coffee, tea and berries
  • Tobacco use
  • Poor dental hygiene

These types of stains can be corrected with a whitening kit. Other stains, caused by certain medications or trauma, for example, may need aesthetic treatments such as veneers or crowns to correct discoloration. The team at Complete Health Dentistry can help you determine if your teeth’s yellowness will respond well to an at-home treatment.

What is an at-home whitening kit?

An at-home tooth whitening kit provided by Complete Health Dentistry consists of a mouth guard-like tray and a gel whitening solution containing a peroxide bleaching agent. You’re sent home with the customized trays that you wear for a designated amount of time each day – exactly how long depends on your desired pace of whitening, the strength of the whitening solution, and your teeth sensitivity level.

Why is professional whitening superior?

Professional whitening trays offer a faster, more effective way to get a sparkling white smile compared to over-the-counter strips, paint-on gels, and toothpaste. The whitening solution is more powerful and, if you should experience sensitivity, you have access to professionals who can help adjust your dose or space out the treatments to relieve discomfort.

The custom-fit trays also make it so you get maximum contact between the whitening agent and your teeth. And because the tray is fitted to your teeth, it minimizes contact of the possibly irritating agent with your gums.

How soon will I experience a brighter, whiter smile with a professional at-home kit?

Results vary depending on how yellowed your teeth are and the level of whitening your wish to achieve. Most people can get notably whiter teeth in just a few weeks. Talk to the professionals at Complete Health Dentistry about what results you can expect.

To learn how professional teeth whitening can enhance your look and confidence, call the office, or book an appointment online with Complete Health Dentistry today.

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