Dental X-rays

Dental x-rays are truly a necessary part of a complete dental exam. The dental x-rays reveal many things that cannot be seen during a visual clinical exam only. They reveal if there are cavities between the teeth. They show the bone level and in conjunction with our yearly periodontal exam are vital to evaluate periodontal health which studies show and I talk about frequently affect our overall health. X-rays also show areas of abscesses or abnormalities in the bones of the face and sinuses. The carotid artery can also be viewed on the panoramic x-ray. The Panoramic x-ray is vital in our oral cancer screenings. Dental x-rays are amazing tools to help dentists keep their patients healthy.
Patients are sometimes concerned about the radiation exposure of dental x-rays. We are exposed to radiation on a daily basis. Every day we are exposed to background radiation from the air, sky, ground and the food we eat. Eating two bananas expose you to the same amount of radiation as a single digital dental x-ray. Numerous studies conclude that digital dental x-rays are safe and a necessary part of a comprehensive dental exam for your health.
At Complete Health Dentistry we use digital x-rays. Digital x-rays give 90% less radiation compared to film x-rays. The x-ray is collimated which means it is focused so scatter radiation is negligible however we still place a protective barrier on our patients torso and thyroid. Dental x-rays are safe for children of all ages and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists confirm the safety of taking x-rays on pregnant and nursing women.
Some patients are concerned about the expense of dental x-rays. Everything that we offer our patients at Complete Health Dentistry is to help our patients achieve and maintain their dental health which affects their overall health. We recommend “check-up” x-rays once a year and a panoramic x-ray once every 5 years. Based on individual patients additional x-rays would be recommended as needed. Digital dental x-rays are an important part of your health and should be regarded as an investment in your health which is one of your major life resources.
At Complete Health Dentistry we value and respect all of our patients and are happy to discuss and explain any dental topic that a patient has concerns about. As always we want to be your partner in Complete Health Dentistry.

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