<1% COVID-19 Rate Among Dentists

This has been and continues to be a long journey with COVID-19.  Our office was closed on March 17th and reopened on June 1st.  In March the New York Times listed dentistry as one of the professions at highest risk of COVID-19.  It was a very stresssful time.  Dentistry is always adapting to infection control to maintain patient and team safety.  Our office has always had the highest standards of infection control and universal standard precautions.  We have increased personal protective equipment. My team and I wear surgical scrub caps and disposable surgical caps, we wear a level 3 surgical mask which is then covered by an N95 mask, disposable and autoclavable surgical gowns, loupes, protective eyewear, and facial shields.  In our office specifically we have an air filtration system in every treatment room, Molekule, which eliminates over 95% of viruses and allergens from the air.  It has a PECO filter which actually destroys these particles.  We have an intraoral suction device that eliminates over 95% of aerosols generated during certain dental procedures.  Our patients have been so cooperative by answering our pre appointment screening questions in addition to calling when they arrive to eliminate any unnecessary contact with other patients.  Patients and team members have daily temperature checks.  All of these precautions contribute to these outstanding results.  "Fewer than 1% of dentists nationwide were estimated to be a COVID-19 positive as of June according to an American Dental Association Science & research Institute and Health Policy Institute study".

This means that all of our increased attention to infection control works to keep patients and team members safe.  It is safe to come to our practice for treatment.  As I always review, the health of your mouth truly does affect your overall health and we want to be your partners in your complete dental health.  Please do not neglect your dental health.  I invite you to view our safety protocol video which can be found on our website.  If you have any questions or concerns a complimentary consult can be scheduled to provide answers.

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