The University of Pittsburgh is working on a vaccine for covid-19

The Federal governmant has chosen the University of Pittsburgh Center for Vaccine Research as one of a handful of institutions nationwide to receive the covid-19 virus for sturdy.  The University of Pittsburgh has a reputation as a center for medical excellence and innovation which dates back to the work of Jonas Salk inventor of the polio vaccine.  The university has already made progress to take a potential vaccine through Phase I clinical trials in humans.   They were able to move quickly because they were already working on vaccines for SARs-CoV 2003 and MERS-CoV 2014 which are similar to covid-19.  The researchers have named the vaccine PittCoVacc.  We will find the answer and move past covid-19 until that time please know you are safe in our dental office.  Please do not neglect your dental health.  We are here to care for you.  You can call and schedule your appointment today and we look forward to being your partner in complete dental health.

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