Nearly 1 in 4 Young Adults may be Prediabetic

Research published in JAMA pediatrics found 25% of young adults are prediabetic.  These individuals have a higher risk of developing Type II diabetes, which is more common than Type I diabetes which is an autoimmune disease.  The study also found that Type II tends to develop in later adulthood as a result of obesity as a young adult.

How does diabetes relate to dentistry and your mouth?

Periodontal disease is commonly seen in people with diabetes and is considered a complication of diabetes.  Hyperglycemia affects oral health while periodontitis affects glycemic control.

There is current research that suggests periodontal disease is associated with poor glycemic regulation.  Most research indicates an association between periodontal diseases and an  increased risk of diabetes related complications.

Diabetes and smoking are both considered risk factors for periodontitis.

Patients with diabetes benefit from preiodontal therapy ( i.e. gum therapy, deep cleanings, and cleanings every 3 months) in conjunctions with good oral hygiene at home.  There is some evidence that periodontal treatments, including deep cleanings, may result in improvement of glycemic control.  Periodontal treatment has been shown to significantly reduce HbA1C levels at 3 months, with even more reduction after 6 months.

Diabetes can arise in individuals at any age.  However this finding is alarming that 25% of young adults are prediabetic.  Oral manifestation of uncontrolled diabetes can include xerostomia ( dry mouth), burning sensation in the mouth ( which may possibly be related to neuropathy) impaired/delayed wound healing, increased incidence and severity of infections, secondary infection with candidiasis, parotid slaivary gland enlargement, gingivitis and/or periodontitis.

It is important to have a professional dental cleaning and exam every 6 months.  At COmplete Health Dentistry, Dr. Hebda and her hygiene team do yearly periodontal examinations which can aid in not only the health of your gum tissues and mouth but your overall health.  If you have been away from the dental office please consider calling our office and schedule an appointment for a cleaning and a comprehensive exam.  At Complete Health Dentistry, the office of Dr. Ann N. Hebda, we want to be your partner in your complete health.

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