Halitosis/Bad Breath

Nobody wants to talk about it but bad breath/halitosis can be a serious problem.  You cannot tell if you have bad breath but those around you can tell if you have bad breath and most of the time they will not tell you.  There are different types of bad breath.  If you eat something containing garlic or onions this can causse bad breath and this type of bad breath can be solved with brushing your teeth and tongue and flossing.  Chronic bad breath, halitosis, can be a sign of something serious to your health.  It is a sign of gum disease.  You cannot detect gum disease because it is hard to see and it there is no discomfort in the early stages.  With gum disease the gums pull away from the teeth, which causes spaces between the teeth and gums and this is where odor causing bacteria can grow.  Only a professional cleaning can reach and remove the bacteria.  The bacteria does grow back every 90 days and that is the reason we recommend a three month cleaning schedule for our patients with gum disease.  There are additional gum therapies for more severe cases of gum disease.  Bad breath can also be  the result of cavities in the teeth.  Again, with frequent professional dental cleanings and exams cavities can be detected and the teeth can be restored to health.

We want to be partners with our patients to achieve complete dental health.  If you are not a current patient please consider scheduling an appointment.  We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you to improve your health.

Dr. Ann N. Hebda Dentist/owner Complete Health Dentistry Ashburn Virginia

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